nul 0
unu 1
du 2
tri 3
kvar 4
kvin 5
ses 6
sep 7
ok 8
naŭ 9
dek 10
cent 100
mil 1000

Use of numbers

Tens and hundreds are joined to form one word, everything else is separate:

11: dek unu
12: dek du
20: dudek
24: dudek kvar
200: ducent
278: ducent sepdek ok
2006: du mil ses

Ordinals: To say "first", "second", etc. add an -a to the end of the number. Sometimes hyphens are used to join multiple words.
Example: unua (1st), dua (2nd), mila (1000th), sepdek sepa (77th), sepdek-sepa (77th)
Unlike regular numbers, ordinals have endings added like adjectives: "Mi aĉetis mian unuan aŭton." means "I bought my first car."

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